The Perfect Ecommerce Website Bundle

*Note: This is a digital download, not a physical book. When purchased, a downloadable PDF will be sent to your email.

Our step-by-step guide for building the perfect ecommerce website— including wireframe templates for all major pages!

Ever wonder about the best layout for your homepage? What content will increase conversions on the product page? How collection pages should be laid out? The best format for the shopping cart? What should be included on the FAQs page? And is an “About Us” page really necessary?

The Perfect Website Bundle answers all of these questions and MORE by outlining: 

  • The purpose of every major page on an ecommerce store
  • What to include on those pages and the order in which they should be laid out
  • Wireframe templates to give you a visual and a foundation to design your pages

Here at Metacake, we have built hundreds of Shopify stores for ecommerce brands of all sizes. This guide distills all of our experience into actionable frameworks for every important page.

In short, we’ve done the trial and error for you, so you can build a new store or optimize your current store with the confidence you’re doing it “right” the first time.

Here's what you'll get in the 70+ page downloadable bundle:

Guides with Wireframes Included:

  • Homepage 
  • Collection/Category Page 
  • Product Detail Page 
  • Shopping Cart Page 
  • Checkout Page 
  • “About Us” Page 
  • Customer Service Page 
  • FAQ Page 
  • Ecommerce Blog Listing & Article Pages 

Bonus Guides Included:

  • Create the Perfect Hero Image for Your Homepage (with Examples)
  • 4 Best Practices for the Product Images & Galleries (with Examples)