The 90 Day Challenge for Healthy Ecommerce Growth

Get access to a simple, yet effective program to grow your ecommerce business— one week at a time.

By joining The 90 Day Challenge for Healthy Ecommerce Growth, you'll receive instant access to weekly advice from our team of ecommerce experts. Each piece of advice (a "growth tip") is a building block of The Healthy Growth Framework, our comprehensive system for growing ecommerce brands.

It's simple. Receive one growth tip per week for 12 weeks. Each tip includes action items you can begin implementing right away. And the Metacake team will be here to provide feedback and answer any questions that come up!

This program is applicable for any stage of business, as long as you are looking to achieve reliable, consistent growth for your ecommerce store. Here's a look at what you'll learn:

  • We’ll show you how to revamp your acquisition efforts, including how to write effective ads, get the most out of your Facebook efforts, and start diversifying your marketing.
  • We’ll also dig into the best ways to boost your conversion rate, from assessing your offer to site optimization and building social proof.
  • We’ll take a look at ways to build real fans of your brand and increase customer lifetime value (essential for a lasting business).
  • You’ll get to send us your questions and request feedback as your progress—simply reply to our weekly email!
  • Bonus: We’ll share our top tips for increasing customer lifetime value, the metric that has the MOST impact on long-term success.

Achieving healthy growth— the kind that builds a sustainable business— is possible. Sign up today and set yourself up for real growth in just 12 weeks!