The Ultimate Guide to Ecommerce Email Success [Digital PDF]

Access our exclusive playbook for ecommerce email marketing that drives results that MATTER!

*This is an instantly delivered digital PDF. This is NOT a physical book.

This six-part guide contains our entire plan for building an email marketing program that generates REAL business growth through increased customer lifetime value.

If you run an ecommerce business of any size, this is a massive need. The bigger your business, the more exponential your returns on implementing this will be.

Our team created this 60+ page digital guide to help you build an email program that fosters and maintains profitable relationships with your customers. These relationships are key to boosting customer lifetime value, which is the golden ticket to healthy ecommerce success.

If you’re looking to scale your business, stop pouring every last dime into paid advertising and invest your resources into a channel you actually own. Your most valuable marketing tool is right in front of you— it’s your email list!

This Ultimate Guide to Ecommerce Success will revolutionize your email strategy one step at a time, creating a program that THRIVES and returns its value many times over.

At Metacake, we help some of the world’s most influential ecommerce brands build, manage, and grow valuable email lists, then monetize them and build relationships with that audience at scale. This comprehensive email strategy is a core part of how we are able to drive over 8-figures in growth for brands in under 3 years. And now, you get access to ALL of our notes!

In this 6-part in-depth guide you will learn:

  • How to think about email in your ecommerce marketing plan
  • Which tools and platforms to use
  • Specifically how to measure success
  • The 3 pillars of a successful email program that drives REAL revenue
  • How to create promotional emails that sell and build relationships
  • How to create automated sequences that sell while you sleep (complete with examples)
  • How to segment your audience and the top segments we use to generate sales
  • Inspiration so you can go do this for your organization

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Bonus 1: Our Top Automated Email Sequences
Access Metacake’s standard written plan used to write the three most powerful automated email sequences (pre-purchase, post-purchase, and abandon cart). Includes instructions for writing copy for each email in each of these sequences as well as timing on when they should be sent out. Simply fill in details that make sense for your brand and BOOM— your email copy is written and ready to set up. Note: these are not email designs, these are templates for written copy.

Bonus 2: Our marketing calendar template that we use to coordinate hitting consistent revenue goals year after year.

Bonus 3: 13 tips and examples that you can put into practice immediately.


This guide to ecommerce email success is guaranteed to pay for itself. Why?
  • If you already have an email list established, you can make this money back with the first email campaign or automation you send.
  • We’ve packed this guide with real-life examples to save you from searching the internet for inspiration.
  • We’re saving you even more time by supplying you with our multi-channel marketing calendar— the same template we use in-house for all of our clients!
If you truly implement all the recommendations in this guide on a running ecommerce business and do not feel it will generate multiples of its value in return, we will refund your purchase— no questions asked.