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Brand vs Wild [Mini-Guide]

A Branding Survival Guide

In this handy Branding Survival Guide, we walk through the essentials to building a successful brand online.

Your brand is not your logo, or your website, or your product, or any other company asset. Your brand is something far deeper.

It’s something that can be felt, but not entirely explained. It can be recognized but isn’t always realized.

Apple’s brand is not that beautiful Apple icon staring at you from the top of your laptop or the back of your iPhone. It’s the feeling you get when you see that Apple icon. It’s the subtle but real excitement you sense when walking into the local mall’s Apple store—the excitement that is rarely ever felt when walking into any other store in the mall. Disney, the brand, isn’t Mickey Mouse or its world-class theme parks. The Disney brand is the childlike exhilaration adults and kids alike get with the opening credits roll on a new Disney movie. It’s the overwhelming joy a child feels when the life-size Donald Duck walks up to them and gives them a high five. A brand is not a company. It’s the emotion you feel—good or bad—when encountering a company or its products.

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