Ecommerce Growth Bundle [3 Mini-Guides]

The Recipes For Building Successful Ecommerce Businesses

Our 3 playbooks for building influential brands and massively successful ecommerce businesses.

This bundle includes our 3 top guide books to help you grow your business. These guides are our playbooks that we use to help grow highly influential ecommerce brands such as: Groove Life, Old Spice and more. These guides are perfect for new businesses as they grow as well as long-standing global brands.


1. The Ecommerce Cookbook

A guide to all of the fundamentals that make up the best ecommerce brands and businesses. We walk you through the key areas to set your ecommerce business up for success. 

2. Brand vs Wild

Your brand is NOT your logo, your website, or your tagline. Your "brand" is the emotional connection between your business and it's customers, and building that connection is the biggest advantage to your business. The most successful businesses in the world know how to build a brand that connects with customers at an emotional level. In this guide, we walk through the key areas for doing just that.

3. Oh The Ways You'll Grow (A Guide To Conversion Rate Optimization)

Without a doubt the highest impact metric for any ecommerce store is its conversion rate. If you can increase this, you drastically improve every other metric from revenue to the cost of acquiring customers. In this guide we walk you through how to create an extremely effective conversion rate optimization program in your business. 

Beautifully designed by our in-house team.

These guides are not only effective in their information, but they are stunningly beautiful. Each designed with a different design theme, we want you to not only get the knowledge, but enjoy reading it as well.

Who is Metacake?

Metacake is an ecommerce growth team behind some of the most well-known and influential brands in the world. We work with businesses to grow their ecommerce revenue as well as produce educational and inspirational products for ecommerce business owners, entrepreneurs, workers, and executives.